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Best of WWC V.035

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Video Quality:VG-EX
Run Time: 1:45

World Wrestling Council Wrestling Superstars (VG, 41mins)
Match: Miguel Perez & Big Red vs. the Assassins
~ Interviews w/Ron & Chicky Starr/El Profe/Abdullah the Butcher/Bruiser Brody/the Invader/the Renegade Warriors/Joe Savoldi/Miguel Perez/Super Medico II/Bob Hefferman/Gran Mendoza/Jason the Terrible
Match: Bruiser Brody vs. Angel Mexicano
Match: Abdullah the Butcher vs. Pedro Santos
Match: Tony Atlas vs. Rick Debro
~ Chicky Starr’s Sports Shop w/Joe Savoldi
~ Gran Mendoza & Bob Hefferman video
World Wrestling Council Wrestling Superstars (VG, 42mins)
Match: Joe Savoldi vs. El Vikingo
Match: TNT vs. Carl Ocasio
Match: Gran Mendoza & Bob Hefferman vs. Pedro Santos & Isaac Rosario
~ Interviews w/El Profe/TNT/the WWF Invaders/the Renegade Warriors
Match: Jason the Terrible vs. Armando Salgado
Match: The Renegade Warriors vs. the New Assassins
World Wrestling Council Wrestling Superstars (VG, 45mins)
~ Interviews w/Ron & Chicky Starr/El Profe/Carlos Colon/Jason the Terrible/the Invader/the Renegade Warriors/Bob Hefferman/Gran Mendoza/Invader III/Miguel Perez
Match: Jason the Terrible vs. El Zorro
Match: Big Red vs. El Vikingo
~ Clip of Tag Champs The Renegade Warriors vs. Ron & Chicky Starr (Title Change)
~ Clip of Jason vs. the Invader
Match: Armando Salgado vs. the Assassin II
~ Clip of Heavyweight Champ Carlos Colon vs. Stan Hansen
~ Chicky Starr’s Sport’s Shop w/Carlos Colon (Stan Hansen attacks Colon)
Match: Ron & Chicky Starr vs. Angel Diaz & Pedro Santos
~ Chicky Starr’s Sports Shop w/Hurricane Castillo & the Invader
~ Invader/Jason the Terrible contract signing
Match: Super Medico II vs. Rick Debro


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1 x NOAH 06/10/2017 June 10th 2017 (2 Discs)
1 x AJPW 06/20/2017 June 20th 2017
1 x .Puroresu DVD Sampler
1 x NJPW 04/29/2017 April 29th 2017 (2 Discs)
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1 x Best of Bret Hart (Blu-Ray with Cover Art)
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1 x Best of WWC V.074
1 x Best of WWC V.080
1 x Best of WWC V.062
1 x Best of WWC V.005
1 x Best of WWC V.097
1 x Best of WWC V.040
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