AJPW 1975 World Open (Blu-Ray with Cover Art)

AJPW 1975 World Open (Blu-Ray with Cover Art)
Video Quality:EX
Run Time 8:00
12/6/75 Opening Ceremony
12/6/75 Dusty Rhodes vs. Harley Race
12/6/75 Mr. Wrestling vs. Mighty Inoue
12/6/75 Giant Baba vs. Baron Von Raschke
12/6/75 Dory Funk Jr. vs. Abdullah the Butcher
12/6/75 Don Leo Jonathan vs. Anton Geesink
12/9/75 Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Horst Hoffman
12/9/75 Dusty Rhodes vs. Hiro Matsuda
12/9/75 Dick Murdoch vs. Anton Geesink
12/9/75 The Destroyer vs. Great Kusatsu
12/9/75 Don Leo Jonathan vs. Mr. Wrestling
12/9/75 Harley Race vs. Giant Baba
12/9/75 Dory Funk Jr. vs. Baron Von Raschke
12/11/75 Abdullah the Butcher vs. Kintaro Oki
12/13/75 The Destroyer vs. Don Leo Jonathan
12/13/75 Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Rusher Kimura
12/13/75 Pat O'Connor vs. Mighty Inoue
12/13/75 Giant Baba vs. Abdullah the Butcher
12/15/75 Abdullah the Butcher vs. Don Leo Jonathan
12/15/75 Giant Baba vs. Jumbo Tsuruta
12/15/75 Pat O’Connor vs. Dick Murdoch
12/15/75 Dory Funk Jr. vs. Horst Hoffman
12/15/75 Ken Mantell vs. Great Kusatsu
12/17/75 Dory Funk Jr. vs. Don Leo Jonathan
12/17/75 Hiro Matsuda vs. Mighty Inoue
12/17/75 Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Abdullah the Butcher
12/17/75 Giant Baba vs. Rusher Kimura
12/17/75 Horst Hoffman vs. The Destroyer
12/18/75 Dory Funk Jr. vs. Jumbo Tsuruta
12/18/75 Giant Baba vs. Horst Hoffman
12/18/75 Closing Ceremony

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