Memphis 08/24/1985 August 24th 1985

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CWA Memphis Wrestling 8/24/85
● Sean & Brian O’Reilly vs. Lou Winston & The Invader
~ Fabulous Ones Music Video “Born in the USA”
● The Fabulous Ones vs. Bill Smithson & Terry Adonis (w/Richard Lee)
~ Handheld Clip of Taurus Bulba defeating Lawler for the Southern Title
~ Interviews w/Jerry Lawler/The Freebirds/Phil Hickerson
● Phil Hickerson & The Spoiler (Frank Morrell) vs. Benny Traylor & Jerry Garmen
● Southern Champ Taurus Bulba (w/Tom Branch) vs. Craig Carson
~ Jerry Lawler seeks a partner to battle the Freebirds, Phil Hickerson offers his services, Lawler declines
~ Tom Branch & Taurus Bulba Interview
● Koko Ware vs. Jerry Bryant (Before the bout Koko pops Tom Branch who is standing in Ware’s way, this leads to Branch returning with Taurus Bulba to attack Koko)
~ Sheepherders Interview
● Sheepherders (Boyd & Morgan) vs. David Haskins & David Johnson
~ Buddy Wayne Interview (Buddy continues to lay into Billy Travis for his partying behavior and pulls him from the following tag match and replaces him with Mr. Class)
● Mr. Class & Ron Sexton (w/Buddy Wayne) vs. Tommy Wright & Tracy Smothers (The heels do a beat down on Smothers and Jerry Lawler tries to break it up, The Sheepherders attack Lawler, but Phil Hickerson makes the surprising save for the King! Phil tries to prove Lawler can trust him.)
~ Phil Hickerson again asks Jerry Lawler if he can be his partner for the upcoming bout with the Freebirds at the MSC. Lawler reluctantly accepts after setting some rules down…Lawler asks Hickerson to put his title as well as $5,000 up as security in case he turns on the King. Hickerson agrees to Lawler’s demands and the match is made.

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