CWA 01/18/1986 January 18th 1986

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CWA Memphis Wrestling 1/18/86
~ Bill Dundee is scheduled to wrestle Jim Jamison but declines in order to show his recent contest from the MSC.
● Southern Champ Bill Dundee vs. Big Red Reese (MSC 1/13/86, commentary by Dundee, Mantell & Landell, basically ripping apart Red)
~ Steve Keirn Interview
● Billy Travis vs. The Invader
● Bladerunners (w/Buddy Wayne) vs. Phil Hickerson & Billy Travis (JIP, Wayne and the Runners bloody Hickerson after the match and Phil’s old partner, The Spoiler makes the surprise save)
~ Austin Idol Music Video
● Dirty Rhodes & Tojo Yamamoto vs. The Raiders
~ Fantastics Interview (Win a Date with the Fantastics Contest is announced)
~ Buddy Landell Interview (Landell announces his own “Win a date w/Buddy” Contest)
● Dutch Mantell vs. Kevin McQueen
● Buddy Landell vs. David Johnson
~ Interview w/Dundee, Landell & Mantell
● Koko Ware, Rick Casey & The Fantastics vs. Pat Rose, Tony Falk & The Sheepherders (Morgan & Taurus Bulba) (w/Jonathan Boyd)

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