Best of Portland V.04


Video Quality:VG/EX

Run Time: 2:00
● 10-Man
Battle Royal featuring Lonnie Mayne, Dutch Savage, Playboy Buddy Rose, Ed
Wiskowski, Sam Oliver Bass, Handsome John Anson, Gino Hernandez, Coco Samoa,
Matti Suzuki & Bob Kincaid...10/8/77
~ Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski 2/18/78
● Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski vs. Jerry Oates & Skip Young 2/18/78
~ JESSE VENTURA!!! (As far as I know, the footage on this tape is the ONLY
footage of Ventura in Portland.)
~ Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski 3x
● Buddy Rose vs. Jimmy Snuka (ends with a face off between Rose/Wiskowski &
● Rick Martell vs. Frank Dusek (11/24/79, this is Martell's Portland debut
~ Buddy Rose & Sheepherders 11/24/79
● Buddy Rose & Sheepherders vs. Sam Oliver Bass, Dutch Savage & Roddy Piper
(Rose is dressed like the Sheepherders) 11/24/79
~ Rick Martell
~ Roddy Piper & Stan Stasiak

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