Best of Barbarian

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Video Quality:EX
Run Time 2:00

Running Time: 2:04

10/4/85 Barbarian, Rip Oliver vs. Tatsutoshi Gotoh, Sakurada
10/11/85 Barbarian vs. Sakurada
10/18/85 Barbarian vs. Antonio Inoki
10/20/86 Barbarian, Marioman vs. Antonio Inoki, George Takano
10/27/86 Barbarian vs. Tatsumi Fujinami
11/3/86 Barbarian vs. Steve Williams
1/2/87 Barbarian, Black Bart vs. Antonio Inoki, Keiji Muto
1/12/87 Barbarian vs. Tatsumi Fujinami
1/16/87 Barbarian vs. Antoni Inoki
5/18/87 Barbarian, Tony St. Clair vs. Antonio Inoki, Kengo Kimura
6/10/87 Barbarian vs. Antonio Inoki

Thanks to Tystates for this amazing compilation

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